About TeesYourself


I love T-Shirts. I love that it’s such an easy way to express yourself. I have always purchased tees for holidays such as Fourth of July and St. Patricks Day. Sometimes I buy t-shirts simply because it expresses a thought that I have or a slogan that I love. Whenever I wanted something I would have to Google it, because I never found one place that I could go back to again and again. A couple of years ago I discovered Herbalife nutrition and I loved the products so much that I became a distributor. As a new wellness coach, I found myself going to local print shops repeatedly to have shirts, hats and leggings branded. I thought it would be great to be able to order online, as the company’s website was always out of everything in my size. An even bigger challenge for me was finding shirts that “spoke our language” (Wake and Shake!). My Herbalife inspired tees were the beginning of what would become my business. In addition to wellness coaches, I now help small businesses brand themselves and their teams. I have created a line for St. Patricks Day, a Bridal collection, and I am currently working on a line for entrepreneurs. My shirts are urban and edgy and flirty and sarcastic, like me. Even the business name TeesYourself reflects that.


Hi, I'm Pat McGhee.

It is my mission to create clothing that allows clients to brand themselves, celebrate special occasions and represent their personal style and philosophy.

Thanks for stopping by.